Welcome to my website. I was born to be a painter/artist. My grandfather started in Copenhagen, Denmark in the 1920s, then my mother in Massachusetts, and now me, the third generation.

We all have worked in the Scandinavian tradition: quality craftmanship and design with simplicity as a core value.  For example, if a client requests marbleizing for a floor, I’ll always recommend a plain type, not something too dazzling.

This way projects get a harmonious finish, not a surface that demands attention. We actually strive to blend our work with the existing structure and/or finish on a piece, wall, room or building.

One customer noted, after I had rebuilt and finished a missing section of balustrade, that his family and guests didn’t even notice any change in the staircase – it appeared as it always should have. Every attempt is made to practice this voluntary simplicity in the most sustainable fashion, for example, by using salvaged parts of architectural interiors.

Lars Michelsen