Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes

Circular stairs
Faux bois (false wood), faux marble, faux satin (or linen and other fabrics). The beauty of these finishes is that one can simulate any material which works for your interior space. We can even make up a wood or stone which has the depth or tone to fit in with surrounding materials: old crotch mahogany on your wainscoting, rosewood shelving, gray-green marble pillars, viridian door frames, etc. Any of these precious materials can be painted on a variety of shapes at scales that would be prohibitively expensive utilizing the real thing.

Venetian plaster


Other glazes include ragging, mottling, strie’ and stippling. These are effects with an infinite variety of color and densities to customize any given surface. They are totally customizable to achieve a specific look and texture based on the client’s desired criteria.

Blue wall under banister


“Lars has painted just about every room in our Victorian house. His glazing on the walls has made our interior unique, many of our guests comment on the effect. He is now finishing a second home in a modern rustic style. This is our eighth project with Cygnet Painting over a 21 year period.”

James Vogel AIA
West Roxbury, MA