Nelson Partners

IMG_3357Painters have to work closely with carpenters on most projects. The carpenters I follow on Cape Cod are The Nelson Partners, father and son, Jeff and JJ. Jeff has been building, renovating and restoring houses for over a generation. He specializes in Nantucket Shaker design: the coastal style born of local necessities that evolved into the cape house with bead board walls, post and beam structure, 6 over 6 sash windows, wide pine floors, and simple cabinetry. He and his son compose these architectural elements into very harmonious environments inside and out. The houses embody tradition while being custom made for their inhabitants. The builders make homes by discovering the needs, wants, and spirit of their clients. Developing a design in plan drawings and in words, then making it manifest.

IMG_3363J.J. is an extension of his father in passed down skills and a similar philosophy (please see WhalesTalesOf for some of that). The son is an asset to the partnership, by taking care of the high tech business tasks, such as using a 3D (Chief Architect) computer aided drafting program. You could call him the “communications officer” as well as several other duties. He’s also a carpenter and draftsman. Like a boy collecting toys, he has the latest tools and is dying for a chance to use them. Last time I had a tour of their current creation, Jeff was using a 20 year old metal rotary saw while Jeff junior was employing a state of the art plunge panel saw connected to an on-site vacuum cleaner. Between them, they can apply all of the relevant skills and equipment to get the job done right.




These days the Nelsons are building a recreation room to simulate an old sloop below decks, with marine details. It will be a pleasure to finish that space in Chatham.




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